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Two arrested for Cox murder

October 16, 2007

Albany -- Police say tips from people in the community and telephone records lead them to 20-year-old Kasaem Toomer of Albany, who gave a full confession that he murdered 19-year-old Justin Cox October 3rd.

APD Lt. Kendra Wilson said, "They were friends, they had known each other for a little while. They had a disagreement."

Toomer told Police that the disagreement at the Turner Boat Landing ended with Toomer and another man known as Lorenzo Williams hit Cox in the head then dumped his body in the river, and drove Cox's Cadillac to the Civic Center where they parked it.

Cox's family looked at the mug shot of Toomer, and said they did not know him. Justin's Mother Teresa Cox said "I've never seen this guy that I know of. Never."

Do you have any idea why he would kill your son? "No idea at all."

A couple of hours after Police held a Press Conference announcing Toomer's arrest and confession, they arrested the second suspect, known as Lorenzo Williams. Police say that is not his real name. They are questioning him now. Investigators say they plan to charge him with murder also.

Meanwhile Cox's grieving parents say they are glad his killer's have been caught, but don't think life in prison is justice for this crime.

Charles Cox said "Hitting somebody in the head, then saying they did not mean to. No. They threw him in the river. That's the way I think."

Investigators say they are holding back some facts in the murder until they finish questioning the second suspect in this case. Justin Cox was the ninth person murdered in Albany this year. Police have made arrests now in all nine cases.


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