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Movie set to begin filming in southwest Georgia

October 16, 2007

Colquitt-- In the middle of a field in a small south Georgia town, a television and film production studio might be the last thing you'd expect to find.  But for Ralph Wilcox, founder of the Jokara-Micheaux, its a vision he's worked hard for. 

"Over the last 4 or 5 years really working toward bringing the film and TV industry to southwest Georgia as a vehicle for economic development," says Wilcox. 

The studio is already working on a myriad of projects but the first feature film they'll release is about  Lena Baker.  "Lena Baker is the first African-American woman in Georgia, from Cuthbert Georgia who unfortunately received the electric chair in 1945," Wilcox explains.  Baker was convicted of killing her abusive employer, a white man, but in 2005 was pardoned.

Wilcox says although it happened over 60 years ago, its relatable to situations of many women today.  "Even though we have better laws in place to protect women in abusive situations and all we still find in many instance that women are pushed to a certain place where they retaliate," he says.

Wilcox went to work enlisting the help of some experienced filmmakers.  The film's producer, Dennis Johnson says, "I was intrigued with the story and I thought it should be told and then he sent me the material and I thought the script was well written."

Even with the big budget films of today, Wilcox is optimistic about his modest $2.5 million film. "Certainly with the help and support of people in the region, I can't believe that I can't make it happen here as others have made it happen when it did not exist," says Wilcox.  The studio hopes to release the film next year.

Tichina Arnold from television shows like "Martin", and "Everybody Hates Chris" will star in the film.  Wilcox says there may be another Hollywood star in the film but is keeping that under wraps for now.


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