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Berrien County cow births triplets

October 16, 2007

Berrien County - Cattle farmer in Berrien County says one of his cows has defied the odds.  "It was real exciting. My son was in the field and he called and told me a cow had three calves!" exclaims Billy Williams.

In fact it's so rare, the odds of a cow having triplets is just one in 105 thousand pregnancies. The odds of all three calves surviving is even higher than that.

Williams says he hasn't seen anything like it in his 40 years on the farm.  "Never seen it before. Had a few twins but never triplets."

Veterinarians say its extremely rare because the massive size of a cows stomach usually allows them to only carry one calf at a time.  "So usually the only get fertile in the right corner of the uterus so that's a small area for three to fit into," say vet Joe Crane.

And in the unusual case where more than one calf is born, extra care is needed to keep both mom and the babies healthy.  "They tend to be small and sometimes they need help being fed because sometime they're weak," he adds.

The triplets are small compared to other calves and are being kept in their own pen where they are getting all the food they need.

And a lot of special attention.  "I've had a few people wanting to buy that cow, but she's not for sale right now," Williams says.

All three should grow to be the same sized as their single birthed friends. 

The new calves, two girls and a boy bring his cattle count to 203.


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