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City hires a property manager

October 16, 2007

Albany --  Since the flood of 1994, the city of Albany has been in the rental business, now they are getting help managing those properties.

The city currently owns 269 units, some single family homes, some apartments. For the past couple of years, they've managed those properties in house, but low staff levels have not allowed them to keep the properties maintained as well as they would like.

Now, they will hire a property management company for $132,000.  "Someone with a lot more experience could really benefit our tenants and our clients and do a better job of day to day operations," says Jennifer Clark, Director of Community Affairs. "We don't have anyone on sight on a daily basis and I think it would benefit the tenants to have someone there daily."  

Right now, about $300,000 a year is spent on maintaining those properties. The hope is that when preventative maintenance is being done on a regular basis, those costs will be drastically reduced.


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