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Paw Patrol raises money for solders, dogs

October 15, 2007

Dougherty County -- There is nothing like the bond between man and man's best friend. And no one knows this more than the dog handlers at the Albany Marine Corps.

"He is a partner as well as a tool. And the friendship, the bond, that you and your dog have with each other ; you can put it in words," said Albany Marine Corp Kennel Master, Mike Reynolds.

Both spent hours training and practicing drills, each depending on the other in order to get the task done. "With dog teams, handlers and dogs, they essentially work together day to day. And sometimes the handlers are with his dog more than he is with his family," said Reynolds.

And it's with this partnership that they fight the war on terror. "Military dogs do deploy with their handlers. That happens from time to time," said Reynolds.

A task that the director of Paws Patrol doesn't take for granted.

"We are having a fundraiser in November and we will use part of the proceeds to sent care packages to Iraq to the dog handlers and their canine soldiers. We realize that we owe so much of our freedom to those soldiers. And we look around and see our dogs and realize they owe so much of their freedom to them too," said Paws Patrol Director, Marty Harris.

It's care packages like this one that keep those serving in Iraq going.

"Anytime that you're away from home and you receive something from your community or a community that is thinking about you it is very well received. And it gives them a sense of accomplishment," said Reynolds.

Paws Patrol want to make sure that both soldiers and dogs are remembered and taken care off. River-bark will be held November 17th at the Riverfront park from nine that morning to five.

Anyone interested in participating can call 229-883-9411.


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