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Worth County man flees burning home

October 14, 2007

Worth County -- A 22-year-old Worth County man is thankful to be alive after his double-wide home caught fire just after 1 p.m. Sunday. Worth County Fire and volunteers responded to the structure fire at 115 Johnny Altman Road near Highway 82.

"The person who rents the place says he was washing clothes and cooking, and the breaker had thrown," said Worth County Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Jason Brooks.

Fire officials believe an electrical problem started the fire which spread quickly through out the home, which is located on the grounds of a salvage lot in rural Worth County.

"He went outside to flip the breaker. When he came back in, that's when he saw smoke and just abandoned the house," said Brooks.

Firefighters battled the flames for over an hour Sunday afternoon, dealing with intense heat and smoke.

While the home was a total loss, it serves as a warning to homeowners to be cautious of electrical wiring problems that could result in fire.

Brooks says, "If you have any breakers that have been throwing, you need to check them out. Don't keep turning them on, and get an electrician to check it out and make sure everything's ok."

Firefighters were concerned there were propane tanks near the fire, but never found any.

The property owners says he is going to set up temporary housing for the fire victims that lost their home.

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