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Special Olympic Fall Games kicks off

October 12, 2007

Albany -- Over 200 Bocce teams traveled to Albany to compete for the gold metal including the "Bocce Queens" from Macon. "We've been playing it for a long time. I don't know how many years, but we love to play it," said team captain, Laurie Griggers.

The Bocce Queens practice every Wednesday afternoon for an hour. "This is a good sport because any disability can participate in the sport. Wheelchairs, we have one that has sight problems. Anybody can participate in the sport," said coach, Carolyn Allen.

"These athletes have been training for this, and they have been training all year. They have eliminated other teams and they are the best of the best," said volunteer Nanette Howerin.

But those competing get more from each other than they do from the actual sport. "The team, they love each other, and they help each other, and they are always congratulating each other when they do something good," said Allen.

"I am proud of my team. And proud of my other friends whatever they do," said Griggers.

And the volunteers work hard, but enjoy every second of it. "You leave here and your heart is completely filled. And at the end of the weekend, the end just simply comes to soon," said Allen.

Whether you are a volunteer, an athlete or a just there to cheer them on; the Special Olympics experience is just that; special for all involved.

Find out more about the games and complete schedule of events by clicking here.

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