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South Georgia Groups Helping People Find Homes

October 10, 2007

Albany - - We've been hearing a lot lately about the volatile housing market and high foreclose rate, but an Albany advocacy group says that shouldn't stop you from becoming a homeowner.

Albany's Community and Economic Development program offers monthly classes for people who want to buy a home and for current owners who want to make sure they don't default on payments.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently awarded the group $45,000  to keep doing what they're doing.

Organizers say people who attend the free class learn a lot.

"Make sure you know what you're doing, make sure you know what type of mortgage package you're getting into and what the terms are. Were finding that most people do not understand the terms of their loans," says Senior Housing Counselor B.J. Burton

Redemption Ministries in Thomas County got a $20,000 HUD grant to continue their housing counseling program as well.


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