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Suspect arrested for writing threatening letters

October 10, 2007

Bainbridge--  Wednesday night, classes went on as normal at Bainbridge College.  That may be thanks to the quick work of investigators after a threatening message was found on a bathroom wall.  "We secured most of the scene trying to monitor what was going in and out of the restroom, but that's hard to do," said Sheriff Wiley Griffin.

Yesterday investigators discovered a second, identical message in the same bathroom and narrowed it to a person of interest.  "Later on we had a computer generated message and we had that narrowed down to a certain person of interest which was the same person," Griffin explained.

Investigators arrested 20-year-old Pamela McGriff at her home in Cairo Tuesday night. She's charged with 3 counts of terrorist threats and now, 2 counts of arson for fires investigators say she set on campus three weeks ago.  "Its hard to tell if it was vandalism or if she was trying to send a message," Griffin says.

The college referred all questions to the Sheriff's Office.  But in a letter on the school's website, the school's President, Tom Wilkerson, promises the school is in the process of upgrading campus security.  "Cameras help. Anytime you can record something it really makes a difference and I think Dr. Wilkerson has done a good job of doing that but he's going to try to upgrade it that much more. The college has handled this extremely well," Griffin said.

The sheriff's department will continue to investigate but say they feel confidant they have the right suspect in custody.

With increased security on the campus, classes went on as scheduled Wednesday night. The president did tell students if they did not feel comfortable coming to campus, their teachers would work with them to make up the work.



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