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Nothing thrashes like a deer!

October 10, 2007

Albany  -- A wild and unexpected visitor caused quite a stir at a Doublegate house. A deer crashed through their living room window of the Fox family's house on East Doublegate just before 6:00 Tuesday night.

Bleeding and confused, the fawn ran frantically around the home, but wouldn't leave. Family members were finally able to corner the little doe in their five year old's bedroom, and the little deer trashed it.

"It was kind of scary and fun," said 3-year-old William Fox.

"There was blood all over the floor. There was blood on the wall, kind of a little bit more. It was really weird, and I don't think it'll happen again," said 11-year-old Matthew Fox.

Family members finally tricked the doe into leaving through the front door. The window pane was replaced, and the carpet cleaned, but stains still remain.



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