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AFD, Oxendine preach fire safety

October 10, 2007

 Albany  --   Kids were entertained by Albany Firefighters, while they learned some lifesaving lessons at the same time.  

The Albany Fire Department held its 13th annual Kids Fire Safety Day at the Albany Civic Center.  Firefighters dressed up in clown outfits and put on skits for the children.  Each skit had an important message behind it, teaching students how to stay safe in case of a fire.

"If we get to their level, children understand us a lot more. Plus they get to have fun, and they learn more while having fun," said Firefighter Bernadette Wilson.

The firefighters take a lot of pride in their Kid's Fire Safety program.  They work on the skits and costumes throughout the year.  Firefighters are also urging families to practice a fire escape plan.  

Fire Safety Commissioner John Oxendine was at the Albany Kids Fire Safety Day and urged the youngsters to tell their parents about the importance of smoke alarms and fire escape plans.      

"I asked him what would have happened if you had not had a smoke alarm or a fresh battery in that smoke alarm. He looked me straight in the eye and said 'I would be dead,'" said the commissioner.

Oxendine said programs like this do save lives. National studies show that nine out of ten people killed in house fires are dead before firefighters are ever called.      

That's why firefighters stress having a working smoke detector in your home and practice getting out of your house in case of a fire.


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