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Red light cameras making drivers more cautious

October 9, 2007

Tifton -- Tifton Police Department installed two red light cameras last March, and so far, they've been successful.

The cameras were placed at intersections that had the highest number of red light runners.

Captain John Tyson of the Tifton Police Department says as word about the cameras spread, drivers started being more careful.

"Our soul intent here is just to get people's attention. For so long, people would see a yellow light and think they could make it. When it would change about 50 feet before they got to it, they would have so much speed up at the time before they made it, that they would run right through it. If someone was in the intersection when this happened, there would be an accident. Our whole intent was just to get people to pay attention to red lights," said Tyson.

Those cameras are located at the intersections of I-75 and U-S 82 eastbound, and U-S 82 and Virginia Avenue westbound.

Tifton Police say they average about 10 citations a day.

Those citations are mailed to the vehicle owners with a fine of $70.00.

Tifton currently has a contract set up with a company called Redflex in Arizona which charges a monthly fee for the camera's service.


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