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Dogs used in dog fighting ring stolen?

October 9, 2007

Moultrie-  The Colquitt County Humane Society is waiting on a court order to determine what will be done with 14 dogs confiscated from a dog fighting ring.

Humane officials have been peppered with calls from residents who say their dogs were stolen and were used in the fighting ring and now they want them back.

Three dogs were so badly injured they'll likely be put down and one puppy didn't survive. A veterinarian is tending to the others with bite wounds and scars. Officials say they're working with those who claim their dogs were stolen and are part of this group.

"We're working on that right now, I would like to say we'll be able to give them back, they will have to have positive ID that it is their dog," said Don Flowers, Colquitt County Humane Society Director.

Two younger dogs and three puppies will likely be adopted out. Police have been providing some security at the humane society because they're concerned someone may try to take the dogs.



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