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You're next in line for flu shots in Moultrie

October 9, 2007

Moultrie -- As flu season approaches, Moultrie held their first ever drive-thru clinic, completing more than 350 vaccinations.
It was as convenient as a drive thru and a lot shorter wait than a doctor's visit.

"Last year I went to the health department, there's a long wait at the health department," said one citizens.

Most people getting the flu vaccine in Moultrie were through the line in six to eight minutes, with nurses at the ready with band aides.

"Especially if you're on the other side of the vehicle, then you would have to go through a lot to get the band aide over to the other side of the vehicle," said Carolyn Gillette, LPN, Public Health Nurse.

Today, it was simply about getting people their flu shot, but this exercise served a larger purpose and showed both Public Health and Emergency management officials if they need to administer any type of vaccine to a large group of people and are worried about creating an infectious environment, this is the way to do it.

"This is one of our preparedness plans as far as how exactly we would administer to a large volume in very quick time using their vehicle in some degree to social distance them," said Public Health Emergency Preparedness Director Julie Miller.

"From what we've seen today we would be able to handle it so this has been a good exercise all the way around for everybody," said Russell Moody, Colquitt County EMA Director.

The word spread quickly about the success and the short wait time. "A friend of mine called me that's why I'm dressed how I am, She said come on, come on she said there's no hassle to it at all so she said come on now and so I just jumped in my truck as I am," says Hazel Shriver of Moultrie.

In two weeks time, hundreds will have the flu protection they need to last all winter. If you didn't get your flu shot, you can call your local public health office and set up an appointment.

Vaccinations are $25 per dose, and medicaid and Medicare are accepted.


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