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Family competition for Westover sisters

October 9, 2007

Albany -- Twin sisters Moneka and Moneque English have been anchoring the Westover track and field team the past few seasons, and are out on the cross country course for the first time this year.

After just a few races, the juniors are already posting some of the best times in school history, and say there's a big difference from track and field.

Moneka says, "You do like one race at a time, and have faster times to get. It's harder. I think cross country is harder than track."

Moneque adds, "It's a lot of hard work. I didn't think I could do it when I came out here, but it all pays off with practice."

Moneka English was the region champ last year in both the one mile and the 800, with sister Moneque finishing second, but on the cross country course, the results are usually reversed.

Moneka says, "I always beat her at track and field, she always beats me at cross country."

"It feels good," says Moneque. "I can beat her at something, she can beat me at something. It's a competition."

The sisters got a friendly push into cross country, and are now pushing each other to better times.

"My coaches, and my teachers, and my friends kept pushing me to come out here," says Moneka. "They wanted us to come out here so bad, so I decided to come out here with my sister. It's fun."

Moneque adds, "We push each other to the end. It's real competitive. We push each other so we can get better times and places."

Both sisters beat their previous best by over 30 seconds at the Westover Invitational.