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Voter Registration Ends Tuesday

October 8, 2007

Albany - - Albany's mayoral race and other municipal elections will be decided November 6th. If you plan to vote then, time is running out to register.

Tuesday is the last day to register and still be eligible for the November election. It's also the last day to make changes to your address or name if you've moved or gotten married.

And don't forget, next month will be the first time Georgia voters have to show a photo ID when they head to the polls.  

"If a person does not have any photo ID at all and can come and bring us two things showing their name and address, we will make them a free photo ID to be used for voting," Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher says.

You can pick up a voter registration form from any public library, Darton College, or Albany State university.

If you mail it in, make sure you include a copy of your photo ID.


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