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Taxpayers speak out against increase

October 8, 2007

Albany--  It was another packed house of tax protesters Monday night as the Dougherty County School Board wrapped up a series of hearings on its tax rate.  Board members heard an outcry from taxpayers who don't think their money is being well-spent.

Nearly every seat was filled Monday night. The school system may keep its millage rate about the same but some people want to see a rollback since property reappraisals will result in millions more dollars collected for schools.

The majority of people at the hearing are retired and say a significant tax increase is hard especially if you live on a fixed income.

"I don't think it's fair and plus being almost retired and on a fixed income, we have no children in schools," said Constance Williams.

Administrators say they have to collect more tax money to pay for unfunded state mandates such as teacher raises and smaller class sizes.  



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