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Dougherty deputies undergo extensive tests

October 8, 2007

Dougherty County -- A shocking mass murder by a law enforcer left many people asking just how do agencies screen potential officers?

Sunday an off-duty deputy in Wisconsin killed six people before dying in a shootout with police.

In Dougherty County, potential sheriff's deputies go through an extensive process of interviews, background checks, polygraph tests, and physical examinations.

A psychological test is not conducted, but officials don't think it is necessary.

"We bring everyone in as a detention staff. So their going to do 12 months here in the jail. We are going to catch anything during that 12 months work test. Because its a state certification for a detention officer that's what constitutes the 12 months," said Captain Keith Kiger.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's office application process can take several months to complete. The County and Albany Police Departments do conduct psychological screenings before employing an officer.


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