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Harvest Moon Moving?

October 8, 2007

Albany-  The restaurant considered the anchor of downtown retail businesses may be moving. Bo Henry's lease at Harvest Moon is up and he's thinking about packing up and going west, to Dawson Road.

Harvest Moon has been a part of downtown Albany for six years, now its owner is faced with a tough decision.

"I've been down there day in and day out every day, every night. It's been where I spent my life. I've spent three times as much there as I have in my own home and I've loved every minute of it," said Bo Henry, Harvest Moon Owner.

Love may not be enough, owner Bo Henry's looking at moving the business to the old Fincher's location on Dawson Road.

"We've tried to come to some agreements, we want to get a lease down and see what it looks like and compare that with what we have now and look at what option would be better," said Henry.

The tough truth is evening traffic downtown hasn't materialized.

"It seems like there's not really enough going on downtown to come down here," said Karen Hatcher.

"I live on the south side of town and it's more convenient to take the bypass around to the west side of Albany. There's many more restaurants in that area," said Ron Beckstrom.

That along with higher costs to maintain older downtown buildings may be the determining factors for a move. His new restaurant, The Catch would also be nearby.

"I think smaller could definitely be better, it's easier to manager, there's a different overhead," said Henry.

A move away from downtown wouldn't be complete abandonment by Henry. He has a stake in the State Theater and still wants downtown's nightlife to grow, but says that's going to take time, more time than he may have now.

"I have to look out for the best interest of my business," said Henry.

If that best interest is to move, Henry says he'll keep watching downtown and there's always the potential to return.

Attorney's for both side are continuing to work on the terms for a lease.

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