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Families need to have an escape plan in place

October 7, 2007

Albany -- If you had to rush out of your home to escape flames, would you know exactly how to do it?

"People get dazed and disoriented and don't know where they are going in a panic. Their own home that they've lived in for 30 years becomes a strange place. And they don't know what they are doing," said Albany Firefighter Robert Adam Wells.

This is why Samantha Mayberry makes sure her family has an active escape plan. "We practice before, we do a fire drill and we do it about once every three months. They pretty much know what to do, to be haste and get out of the house into safety," said Mayberry.

Firefighters say that you should have at least two ways of getting out of your home in your escape plan. Functional smoke detectors will alert you and your family to get out.

"The state says you should check them every time you change your clocks. That is twice a year. And to test them at least once a month to make sure the battery is good," said Albany Firefighter Devin Hobbs.

Once the detectors go off, you need to get out everyone quick. "We don't want you going back in the house what so ever to get your dog, your bunny or whatever. That's what we are here for," said Wells.

And an escape plan will make sure that you and your family live to see those firefighters come through for you.

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