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Search continues for missing pilot

October 7, 2007

Bainbridge -- Michigan native Kyle Boss, a student with the Ag-Flight school in Bainbridge since mid-August, has been missing now for nearly two days following a routine flight from Decatur County Airport to Eufaula, Alabama. With no sign of him or the missing aircraft, Boss's family is very concerned.

"He's just starting out. He's 22 years old. We miss him. He's a good kid. Everybody loves him.," said Cathy Butler, mother of the missing pilot.

Search crews in the air have been on the lookout for the missing Citabria plane Boss was piloting. It's a two-seater, high winged aircraft, similar to the one in this picture with serial numbers N62970.

"We've got a lot of state assets involved in this. We've got a Georgia State Patrol helicopter up. We've got Civil Air Patrol in Georgia that have several aircrafts in the air, and a couple of ground crews working on the ground. We have three aircrafts out of Alabama that's working the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee River.  We've got such a large search area, that we're just looking for any signs that will help us concentrate on a specific area." said Gary Rice, Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

Right now the search operation spans an area of 60 miles by 15 - 20 miles on either side of the Chattahoochee River. From Bainbridge to Eufaula, it's the area in between. As you can see from the air, search crews are dealing with thick, heavily wooded areas which make the search operation difficult.

"We're asking if anyone has seen or heard or anything at all between 4 and 6 PM Friday to please give the Decatur County Sheriffs Office a call. We need a lead to help us concentrate the search," said Rice.

With storms reported in the area Friday afternoon, it is unclear if Boss changed flight paths. And with no contact 45 minutes after take off, air search crews are flying over every possible location the plane might have gone down. For now, the family can only pray for his safe return.

"We need to find Kyle. It's been since Friday at 4:30 since Kyle's been missing. If anybody out there heard anything - like a plane making a funny noise on Friday around 4:30, if you heard a bang, anything, just call," said Butler.

Boss, who was training at the Ag-Flight school to become a crop dusting pilot, was just a few days away from flying to Michigan to celebrate his first anniversary.

The young pilot had already logged 150 flight hours and had his private pilot's license.

If you have information please contact the Decatur County Sheriff's Office at 229-248-3047 or contact your local law enforcement office.

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