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Moultrie man charged with dog fighting

October 6, 2007

Moultrie -- When you see the house on First Avenue Southwest in Moultrie; you would think it was abandoned. But what you find inside would prove otherwise.

"Officers received a call in reference to animal cruelty. When they came here there were signs of dog fighting," said Sergeant Alfonzo Cook of the Moultrie Police Department.

Dog fighting investigators believe may have taken place right next door to where the pitt bulls were kept. 25 year-old Xavier Barber was arrested and charged. When asked if Barber  had any comments, he didn't want to say anything about his charges.

Packaging from meat, blood stains on the floor, and beer cans are all evidence of the crime. "From what I understand the dogs were malnourished and showed signs that they were used in either dog fighting or in the training of the dogs to fight," said Sgt. Cook.

The pitt bulls were kept in small kennels in Barber's backyard at 805 First Avenue Southwest. Some of them were even on heavy chains when they were confiscated.

But police are expecting to come across dog fighting more often. "A lot of it is probably not seen or not come into light yet, but with the latest publicity some of it will come into light a lot quicker than we think it will," said Sgt. Cook.

A crime officers are ready to keep off the streets of Georgia. All of the pitt bulls are at the Humane Society of Colquitt County where they will be held for five days and then put to sleep.

Police say you should notify them if you have any suspicions or know of any dog fighting that is taking place.


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