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Public Employees Learn of Healthcare Changes

October 5, 2007

Albany - - Georgia's public employees will soon have changes to their health insurance. Friday, a group of retirees and future retirees met to hear about them. 

Due to rising healthcare costs, public employees are being encouraged to be more selective when choosing where they go to get healthcare.

Next year, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare are offering Health Reimbursement Accounts. That's like a personal credit account.

Single workers will get $500. Employees with families will get $1000. Instead of paying co-pays, employees will use the money from their pre-set credit accounts - encouraging them to choose health providers wisely.  

"I wanted to find out the things I need to get abreast on because my retirement age is approaching fastly and I want to make sure I'm on top of everything as far as healthcare and other things," says 28 year educator Jesse Massey.

Retirees came out in particular to find out how the changes can be used with Medicare. Saturday, there will be a benefits fair for state employees, along with free blood pressure screenings.

It will take place at the old Isabella school on Cason Street from 9 AM until 2 PM.


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