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Birthing process streamlined in Ben Hill Co.

October 5, 2007

Fitzgerald -- Kisa Swain gave birth to her daughter Ny-Kesia days ago at the Dorminey Medical Center.

This is her third child, but Ny-Kisa is her first daughter. "It's just like being a new mom all over again, new mom all over again," she said. In about year and half, mothers at this medical center will be giving birth in a brand new building.

"We are really just updating the current services we provide. Providing new services for the mothers. Updating our equipment. Having some state of the art equipment that we currently don't have," said  Nurse Mandy Tomberlin.

Labor and delivery won't be the only procedure completed in the new building.

"There will be a new O-B unit, a new same day unit, same day surgery and out patient administration We'll have all of our outpatient services located in one area of the hospital. We service a lot of elderly patients and its hard for them to travel all over the hospital," says Chief Nursing Officer Stacie Mims.

The new facility is a big update for this old medical center.

"Currently our facility was built 30 years ago when everything was inpatient. Now everything is out-patient. You come in you have lab work, you can even have a baby and the next day you are gone," said Mims. 

The changes reflecting the how fast paced society has become.

Regardless of where these medical services are provided. "Whether the facilities are old or new, when you give that child to the mother for the first time or when the father sees the baby for the first time or when they experience that together, that is something you can't take away from anybody," said the hospital's Jenny McCranie.

But the new facility and equipment will make the miracle more safe and comfortable for mother and child.


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