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Homemade bomb explodes in Leslie

October 5, 2007

Leslie-  A homemade explosive device exploded today inside a Leslie home. Police believe it was teens who used a 16 ounce drink bottle, household chemicals, and aluminum foil to create the dangerous device. A 12 year old boy wasn't hurt when the device exploded while he was in the bathroom.

A twisted drink bottle is all that's left after a homemade bomb exploded Friday morning in the bathroom of a Leslie home. Twelve year old DeMarcus Brown says he found the bottle on his front porch after a knock at the door.

"I saw a bottle on the step. I had picked it up and took it back in the bathroom and I got back in the bathroom and it had exploded," said Brown.

While it was just a 16 ounce bottle, the explosion was deafening.

"I couldn't hear for a little bit. And I woke my sister up and I said I'm deaf I can't hear, this thing exploded in the bathroom," said Brown.

Police and fire fighters found another bottle on the back porch of the Still Quarter Circle home, detonated some time before, the results the same.

"You can see just from the damage done to this bottle and how much pressure and heat is generated by the chemicals to blow that bottle open like that," said Chief Jarrod Eason, Leslie Police.

Police say these devices are being made from household chemical, but don't want to be too specific.

"And they mixed, it appears some type of household cleaner with some aluminum foil and it causes a chemical reaction which generated a considerable amount of heat which caused the bottle to explode," said Eason.

It's dangerous and could cause chemical burns or worse. Friday it almost caused a fire at this home when the chemical got into a light switch and started smoldering. Police say neighbors have reported hearing gunshots, but now they believe this is what they're hearing and they plan to find out who's responsible.

DeMarcus Brown's hearing loss was only temporary, but police say he was lucky and could have received chemical burns. Fire fighters checked the air quality in the home before allowing the homeowners to return.

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