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Nobel Prize exhibit in Albany

October 5, 2007

Albany - Do you know who the Georgia winners of the Nobel Peace Prize? If not, check out Thronateeska Heritage Museum this month.

Both Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Junior and former President Jimmy Carter are recipients of the Prestigious award. In addition to the Nobel Prize, both men also received the Presidential Medal of honor.

Linda Humphries said, "In 1964, it was given to Martin Luther King who still holds it as the youngest person to ever receive it, however he wasn't the first african american to receive it, that was in 1950. A lot of people don't know that, this is going to reflect that. And of course, in 2002, by our former 39th President Jimmy Carter."

You can learn more about both Nobel laureates, like what first name King was born with by visiting the exhibit at Thronateeska Thursday through Saturdays from 12 to 4PM. It's open free to the public and runs through the 17th of November.

By the way, Martin Luther King, Junior was born with the first name Michael, after his father. Both men eventually changed their names to Martin Luther, after the religious figure who founded the Lutheran denomination.