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Investigators stumble on thousands of dollars in stolen goods

October 5, 2007

Thomasville-- It started when narcotics agents were pursuing a suspect on an unrelated case through this rural area in Thomas county.  "While chasing him through the wooded area, they ran across items that just did not belong here, utility trailers, air conditioning units that had been taken apart," explains Thomas County Sheriff's Investigator Jason Carroll.

Also found were piles of furniture and lawn tools.  Even the siding on the mobile home was stolen.  "We started checking numbers on these items, they did come back stolen," Carroll says.  Michael Huffman, his wife Betty Everett, and Lee Jones, who all live on the property were arrested for theft by receiving.

"There is another person that we have warrants on at this time that we're trying to locate," says Carroll.  Investigators have already successfully identified and returned a lot of the stolen property to their rightful owners by matching them up with police reports at the time they were stolen.

Friday, investigators spoke with Huffman at the scene.  They say he's been somewhat cooperative, telling them where some of the stolen items came from.  "Furniture that was stolen from a local mobile home dealer, was stolen along with a utility trailer. They stole from the property, loaded the furniture on drove it out here," says Carroll.  Friday, the owner of that furniture came and took the property back.

The materials for a building were stolen from Colquitt county and assembled here on the property.  On Saturday, that victim will get his property back.  Carroll says, "It clears up a lot of theft, a lot of happy victims that are getting their stuff back."

Investigators know property was stolen from Thomas and Colquitt counties but say the theft ring could stretch even further.  Sadly, there were 4 children living in that mobile home whose parents were arrested Thursday. They're now staying with relatives.




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