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Police need your help to get gangs off Albany streets

October 4, 2007

Albany -- Gang signals are becoming more prevalent on the streets of Southwest Georgia. "What he is doing is what we today call stacking. Stacking is what he does when he states his rank and the particular organization he is in," said Albany Police Lt. James Williams.

Hand signals Harold Williams doesn't want to see in his East Albany neighborhood. "We don't have a lot of gang activity in our area, we just have a lot walking through. They come through when they want to get to other areas," said Williams.

Williams and about 25 others attended Thursday's Police Citizen Academy meeting to see what they should keep a look out for in identifying gang activity. "We are asking them that anytime they see a unique type of graffiti to notify their law enforcement agency," said Lt. Williams.

"We have seen it, but we really didn't know it and this has brought it out so now we can identify it," said Harold Williams.

The gang problems in Dougherty County are reaching children earlier. "We have seen age six, the one we showed tonight is about seven, and they are getting younger," said Lt. Williams.

But this problem isn't going away on its own. "The only way we are going to deal with it is if the parents and the community gets involved. The police can't do it alone," said Lt. Williams.

And that is what Harold plans to take back with him to his East Albany neighborhood watch meetings. Anyone can report gang activity anonymously using the crime stoppers hotline by dialing 436-TIPS.

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