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October 4, 2007

Leesburg - - A south Georgia couple knew it was too good to be true. Now they want to warn you about a check scam.

Blake Bailey says her husband got a letter in the mail saying he'd won $46,000. In order to claim it, he needed to cash an enclosed $5,000 check from a Texas bank and mail the money to a company in Canada to cover fees.

Bailey says that was a red flag, since real prizes don't involve fees and don't originate from other countries.

"We've heard so much in the news lately about these scams...{I} spoke with the Better Business Bureau in Corpus Christie as well as Lamark Texas. From there I was advised to contact the FDIC and the informed to contact the GBI which I did and they advised me to notify my local bank and contact the local authorities and turn the evidence over to them," she says.

The letter asked them to "keep the winning confidential until your prize is received."

Investigators say if you get a bogus check in the mail, don't throw it away, hand it over to authorities so they can investigate.


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