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Lee County man arrested for Internet child porn

October 4, 2007

Lee County -- The GBI Agents and Lee County Sheriff's Deputies raided his home on Stocks Dairy Road, and seized his computer and other evidence. WALB News Ten's Jim Wallace reports his neighbors, many of whom had small children, were shocked.

Special Agent Trebor Randle Georgia Bureau of Investigation

At 8:15 Thursday morning GBI Agents served a search warrant at his mobile home at the Spring Lake Estates off Stocks Dairy Road in Lee County. They arrested 69-year-old Franklin Gilmer for downloading and transmitting child pornography. Gilmer had been the subject of a three to four month investigation, based on a tip from Florida law enforcement.

GBI Assistant Special Agent Trebor Randle said, "As a result of a tip that was received through the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force with the GBI, Mr. Gilmer was targeted at that point."

Agents say Gilmer is a retired hospital equipment salesman. Neighbors tell us they were shocked when they saw Gilmer arrested. Neighbors refused to talk with us on camera, but many of his neighbors have small children. They all said Gilmer was a quiet man who kept to himself, never bothered anyone, and added that they never saw him go near or talk to their kids.

Agent Randle said he was not surprised that a 69-year-old man could be involved in child pornography. "There really is no key age when it comes to the crimes we are investigating involving child pornography. We see them from all walks of life, all ages, all races. So it wasn't particularly shocking for us."

Several of those neighbors with children we talked with said they did not want Gilmer returning to their neighborhood after his arrest.

Franklin Gilmer is the second man arrested on child pornography charges in Lee County in the last month. September 18th, 33-year-old Michael McNany, a Master Sergeant at the Albany Marine Base, was arrested at his Lee County home for Internet Child Porn charges.

GBI Agents say the two cases are not related.

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