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Still going past 100

October 4, 2007

What will you be doing when you're 101 years old? Assuming we live that long, we might still be on the job!

Ray Jenkins of Vermont is still working full time at 101 years old, and was in Washington today to be honored as the nation's oldest worker for 2007.

After retiring from IBM In the 70's, Jenkins got bored, decided to return to the work force, and for the past 28 years has worked for Champlain Valley Exposition in Vermont as the maintenance coordinator.

His advice for longevity --- don't retire, stay busy, and keep your mind active!

Asked his advice for young workers taking their first job, Jenkins says enjoy it, do what you're supposed to do, and look for another job.

"Keep busy is the secret. Don't let your body deteriorate, when you retire, don't retire. Get another job keep at it, keep going. Keep your mind active and your body going and you'll live," Jenkins said.

"Take your job enjoy it no matter how you might hate it. Just enjoy it. Do what you're supposed to do and look for a better job," Jenkins said.

Jenkins and older workers from all states are being honored this week by the employment training company "Experience Works", which specializes in training and employment for older Americans.

A full list of the workers is available at