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Energy Star tax free holiday starts today

October 4, 2007

Albany--Do you want to save some extra cash on your energy bill?  Well, if so, you're in luck.  Starting today, Georgia consumers take take advantage of the state's Energy Star tax free holiday.

By purchasing products containing the Energy Star logo, you won't have to pay any state or local sales tax. But most importantly, you're conserving energy and saving money in the process.

With another tax free holiday in full swing, stores like Lowe's, spent time getting ready for it days in advance.

"We make sure we have plenty of the stock, and we're ready for the customers," says appliance sales specialist Rod Smith who expects business to be nonstop from now until Sunday.

"Oh, yes, extremely busy," says Smith.  Customers purchasing Energy Star products can save $80 or more a year in energy costs.

"Energy Star appliances, for example, use a lot less water and energy as far as your conventional washer, dryer, refrigerator," says Smith.

And appliances containing the Energy Star logo also use thirty percent less energy than your typical models. And there are a variety of Energy Star products to choose from.

"Washers and dryers, refrigerators, window units, light bulbs, a variety of appliances and products that are Energy Star qualified that a lot of customers don't even meet that standard," says Smith.

And don't forget about Energy Star light bulbs. These light bulbs use about 75 percent less energy than standard light bulbs and last up to ten times longer.  While energy saving products may cost you more money, you're actually saving more money in the long haul."

"You take a little bite in the beginning, but in benefits you in the long run," says Smith.  That's why Smith encourages everyone to take advantage of this tax free holiday while it's here.

The tax free holiday wraps up on Sunday.  Consumers who purchase and install certain Energy Star windows and doors now through December 31st may also be eligible for a tax credit of up to 500 dollars on their 2007 tax returns.



Refrigerator, chest freezer, clothes washer, dishwasher, room air conditioner, and dehumidifier.


Lighting, torchiere, compact fluorescent light bulb, ceiling fan, phone, and fax machine.


Programmable Thermostat, water cooler.


Windows, doors, skylights

Home Sealing: Building Materials, Paint, Hardware:

Insulation, caulk, and weather-stripping



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