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Is Peach Care in Danger?

October 3, 2007

President Bush promised to veto a bill congress sent to him Wednesday to expand a program that provides health insurance to children in need.

Governor Sonny Perdue isn't pleased with the decision. The State Children's Health Insurance Program, or S-CHIP, provides federal money to states to help insure children from low income families. In Georgia, you know it as Peach Care.

Congress approved 35 billion dollars to keep the program afloat and expand it. The President says it's a step toward government-run health care and he doesn't like a tax on cigarettes that funds it.

Governor Sonny Perdue says he's disappointed with the decision that he says will affect more than 265,000 Georgia children. 

Perdue says he hopes Congress and the President can come up with a solution. Several states plan to sue the federal government for restricting the program.


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