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Don't forget that flu shot!

October 3, 2007

Albany - Thousands of Americans die each year from the flu, but health workers don't want you to be added to that statistic.

Health departments in Southwest Georgia will start offering flu vaccines next week. So far, the CDC hasn't limited who is allowed to get the vaccines first, but here's a list of folks who should get a flu shot:

Children aged 6 months to four years

People 50 and older

Women who will be pregnant throughout flu season

People with chronic medical problems, specifically respiratory conditions and heart disease

Residents of nursing homes

Health care workers

Caregivers of children under five and older adults

Dr. Jacqueline Grant, District Health Director said, "It is so important to get a flu vaccine because 36,000 people die every year and influenza is a vaccine preventable disease."

Flu season typically doesn't peak until February, so it's important not to get vaccinated too soon. Experts recommend folks start vaccinations mid to late October. Vaccines will be offered at health departments on Tuesday.