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Bloodhounds prepare for the hunt

October 3, 2007

Adel - When a suspect runs from the law, an elite group of dogs is called in for the chase.

They are bloodhounds and trainers say they almost always get their man.  "They will pick up a specific scent and stick with that scent. Once they get it, they will not stop until they find the end result," says Pete Bilardello, a deputy with the Cobb County Sheriff's Office.

That's because the bloodhound can pick up and keep a scent better than any other four legged law enforcer.  "They can work in contaminated areas, around schools, hospitals, nursing homes, on asphalt and cement where other K-9's just can't do that," says Bob Myers, a trainer with Cook K-9.

So we put them to the test during a bloodhound training day at Reed Bingham State Park. We followed as they tracked a park employee through the woods. Despite some smelly obstacles, they found their woman.

And trainers say they get better with each mission.  "They learn new tactics every time they go out," Bilardello says.

Thanks to these impressive skills, more agencies are turning to bloodhounds.  "We've seen a big comeback in the bloodhounds because they are a non-aggressive breed. They are excellent for finding missing children, missing adults, and you don't have to worry about them getting bit when they get there," says Myers.

So if a criminal is on the loose near your home, there will be more dogs nearby chomping at the bit to end a manhunt and solve a crime.



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