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Apartments Almost Restored

October 2, 2007

Albany - - Part of an Albany apartment complex destroyed in a July fire is almost back to normal. 

Seventeen units at Hidden Oaks apartments in East Albany were damaged or destroyed by fire, smoke, or water.

All but one person who lived in that block of apartments had to find another place to stay.

Belfore Restoration has come a long way, but they still have a few weeks of work left to do.

"What we basically done was put the trusses on from that first wall all the way to the end and rebuilt it from there, straightened out all the walls up top and change the siding that was damaged. We had to take out all the racks that were on the floor and we'll have to put that in new because water got in and we'll have to re mediate it for mold," says Dan Tidwell.

Contractors expect to hang sheet rock next month and they hope to have all the units fully restored in a month.    


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