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Hitting is not just for the boys in the Posey family

October 2, 2007

Leesburg - Power runs in the Posey with family with slugging brothers Buster and Jack Posey playing baseball at Florida State.

Hitting is not limited to the males in the Posey family with younger sister Sam having a banner senior season at the plate for the Lee County softball team.    

 Lee County softball coach Lynn Avery said "she grew up with three brothers so she had no choice but to be tough with them."

 And Sam Posey has proven to be just as tough to get out as her older brothers.

Younger sister Sam is batting .430 with three homeruns for the Lee County softball team.

A batting eye she perfected playing wiffle ball with her brothers.

Sam Posey said "It was never me and Jess together because we were the youngest. It was always me and Jack or me and Buster."

Sam also competed against boys in Dixie Youth baseball which she played until she was 11.

Sam Posey said "I was better than some of the boys."

Sam played baseball because her parents believed it would help her at a time when high schools and recreation leagues were switching from slow to fast pitch.

Sam Posey said "A lot of the girls that played slow pitch and were really good at slow pitch were struggling trying to get their timing down."

Sam Posey not only has power hitting down but she does have an athletic skill her older brothers don't. That is speed.

Sam Posey said"I can play more small ball usually and they are more like big time home run hitters."

And Lee County coach Lynn Avery loves to take advantage of Sam Posey's speed and ability to slap hit from the left side of the plate.

Lynn Avery said "We turned sam around. She got on and slapped to the left side. It didn't seem like it was anything to her to do it."

Baseball and softball seem like the come natural to the Posey family.

But Sam says her brothers worked very hard to earn their college scholarships and she hopes to do the same.

Sam Posey said "That is my goal is to get where they are and work that hard to get there."

Lynn Avery said "They are raised with a work ethic that in order to be good. You have got to work hard at practice and work in the offseason."

Talent, toughness and desire are the kind of qualities college coaches crave and there is little doubt Sam Posey will fulfill her dream of signing a softball scholarship.

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