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Sign ordinance crack down in Albany

October 2, 2007

Albany - Cluttered, unsightly and even dangerous signs are being taken down in Albany. Code enforcement officers kicked off a crack down on sign ordinance violators today.

Right now, they are focusing on signs that are on the right of way, that could be blocking line of sight for drivers. This week, the target area in Southwest Albany, but they'll move throughout the city over the next few weeks removing any signs that are in violation.

"Traffic hazards for visibility going in and out of intersections, businesses, as well as maintenance issues, unsightliness. Our mowers can't mow around them, they don't have time to get off their tractors when they're mowing the right of ways to remove signs and it just creates and issue for safety and unsightliness," said Robert Carter.

The owners of the signs will be informed that they are in violation of the city ordinance, and repeat offenders will be fined.



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