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Consolidated Charter still in review

October 2, 2007

Albany - Now that the Albany city commission has completed a review of the consolidated charter, they're ready to pass it along to the county commission. Over the past several months, city commissioners went through each section of the proposed charter and made changes along the way. They have a few more blanks to fill in.

Commissioner Morris Gurr then wants to see the county commission review those changes. With a new document in hand, they may be able to revisit the issue of consolidation and at least keep the process alive. "I want to see it to completion," Gurr said.  "It could get bogged down in the General Assembly. That's not for me to worry about. We've presented it to our local legislation and I'm for the process going forward and hopefully for the people to vote on up or down and then it's over."

The city still has not voted on consolidation. The county commission essentially killed the issue in December when they deadlocked on a 3 to 3 vote.



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