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Getting control of animal control

October 2, 2007

Albany - An Albany animal activist says the city manager is taking the right approach by filling a vacant animal control position and agreeing to call in animal control officers on weekends.

Laurie Jenkins spoke to city commissioners this morning and urged them to follow through on ordinances already in place for the protection of animals. She says animal control only has one active officer right now and can't be proactive in their search for violators.

Since animal control officers only work during the week,City Manager Alfred Lott suggested that APD officers who respond to animal cases call out an animal control officer instead of waiting until the following week for them to respond.

Jenkins said, "Animal control is just not staffed fully at this time and even if they are we need the police support I believe."

There are three positions for animal control allotted for in the city budget. One officer is currently sick and unable to respond to calls. Tomorrow, candidates will be interviewed to fill the vacant job.



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