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AFD wants a few good women

October 2, 2007

Albany --  The Albany Fire Department has nearly a dozen opening for full time firefighters, and are urging people to apply. The Fire Department does not want half of the population to think they could not do the job. 

Even though most people think firefighting is a job just for men, Albany is looking for more women to join their ranks. 

Pam Fletcher has been an Albany Firefighter for almost 8 years, and recommends it for women looking for a career, because, "it's a good job, it's a great job," she says.

Fletcher had been a secretary at a school for 12 years, when she decided to follow a dream of becoming a firefighter. "we help the public.  We're everyone's hero.  We're the all in all.  I love the job," Fletcher said.

The Albany Fire Department has 11 openings for full time firefighters now, and are seeking new trainees.   And they want to have women apply, as well as men.

Deputy Chief David Eddins said, "this has been looked at as a male dominated profession, but no longer is that the case. This is for men and women."

Women and men firefighters do the same job, are highly trained to use power equipment to fight fires and rescue people in emergency situations.  Fletcher admits it is a physical job at times, but she says women can do it as well as a man, because they all work as a team. "I wouldn't tell any female that they could not do it.  If it's something you want bad enough and it's your dream to do it, you can do it."

The Albany Fire Department currently has five on line female firefighters, but wants more to make their ranks more a model of the city. "If we are going to serve our community whole, then we need to have the input of everyone and the eyes of everyone, because everyone sees things in a different way," Eddins said.

Pam Fletcher says she thinks firefighting is the best job in the world, and says women can do that job, because she is living proof. 

Applicants who are accepted get 12 weeks of training, and if they pass, become state certified firefighters.

If you want to apply for a job with the Albany Fire Department, you have to apply on the city's website.


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