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Judge may have to set tax digest

October 1, 2007

Albany - If the appeals process for revaluation of homes in Dougherty County doesn't move along quickly, it may be up to a judge to set the tax digest. The tax digest can't be approved until the number of appeals falls below five percent of the total parcels of property in Dougherty County.

If that doesn't happen within the next three weeks, a Superior Court judge will be asked to set a temporary digest so property tax notices can be sent out. "A petition will be filed in superior court and we'll ask a judge to come up with a temporary collection digest so that once the budgets are set by the governing bodies that taxes can be collected based on the new digest for the upcoming year, otherwise, government grinds to a halt," said County attorney Spencer Lee.  He says the appeals process is moving along well, and says the addition of two boards of equalization has sped up the process.

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