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Thief empties ATM in Colquitt County

October 1, 2007

Moultrie-  A bold thief empties an automated teller machine in Colquitt County and gets away with as much as $6,000.  The thief pulled the heist over two days last week, and investigators say he must have had inside information to finish the job.

This surveillance video doesn't look that suspicious, until you realize what this man is doing. He's emptying the ATM at Jack Rabbit Foods in Moultrie after changing the machine's codes. Store manager Robert West realized something was wrong Friday morning when he pulled the ATM report.

"So, I pulled the report and noticed the dollar amount was a negative, it should never be a negative. I also noticed that the domination was $1,201, shouldn't be a one because we only dispense 20 dollars," said Robert West, Jack Rabbit manager.

Authorities want you to take a good look at this man who spent 15 minutes at the machine Wednesday morning and 13 minutes again Thursday morning. He used a secure password to change the machine's workings to think it was spilling out one dollar bills when really it was putting out 20's.

"He was collecting, he'd get $400 and the machine thought it was kicking out one dollar bills, 20 one dollar bills," said Captain Hal Suber, Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

"At one point the individual did I believe it was ten different transactions, with ten different credit cards," said West.

On Wednesday after making the withdrawal, the suspect reset the machine. After he emptied it on Thursday, he didn't reset it. Now authorities are hoping you will recognize who he is and turn him in. They're warning other store owners to keep a watchful eye out.

"He was in this convenience store twice, this is the only time that we know of," said Suber.

Thursday, the man got into this white, older model car and drove off. They fear he may strike somewhere else and urge anyone who may know who this man is to contact the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

A manager for the company that owns the ATM reset the machine's code Monday so it can't be tampered with again.



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