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Church recovers stolen A/C unit

September 30, 2007

Albany -- Some good news to report to you from a story we told you about last week.

The air conditioning unit stolen from an Albany church has been found.

As you may remember, thieves ripped the A/C unit from the back wall of the Tabernacle of David Worship Center on Holloway Drive, leaving the congregation without air conditioning at last Sunday's services.

Well, the air conditioning was found not far away from the church, and today the congregation was thankful to have the A/C unit back up, and running.

"By it being exposed and what not, we had a gentleman to come by and let us know that he would be looking out for the unit and certainly it paid off," said church member James Eady.

"We're very happy, very excited that God answered our prayers, and we got it back," said Bishop Carlos McKibben.

The thieves that snatched the heavy unit were only able to carry the unit to an abandoned house near the church. That's where local residents found it.

Bishop McKibben says a fence is being built around the unit they are so happy to have back at the church.


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