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A South Georgia woman turns 101

September 29, 2007

Albany -- Family and friends gathered this afternoon to sing Laura a song she has now heard over one hundred times. All of them stunned that she has lived this long.

"About 20 years ago we started having family reunions. And the family wanted to do it every year instead of every two years because they were afraid that she wouldn't be here. But after about 10 years we realized that she was not going anywhere," said Laura's great-niece, Sue Wright. 

" I never thought that people can live to be this old. And what surprises me about her is that she is not only living, but very active," said Laura's niece Marye Wright. Laura has out lived many of her family and friends. One of them being Albany's own Ray Charles, who was also her first cousin.

And though her life is long, it wasn't always easy. "Her mother died when she was very young, and there were seven of them, children. So therefore she had to step in and be the mother at a young age," said Marye Wright.

Through it all Laura managed to stay as stress free as possible, a key component for her long life. "She just lived that stress free kind of life and took life a day at a time, differently from what we do today," said Sue Wright.

"She believes in eating healthy. One of her sayings is to drink a glass of water before you eat. She believes in eating vegetables and very little meat," said Marye Wright. 

But whatever Laura's secret to a long life may be, her family and friends are grateful for every moment they can share with her.

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