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Watering restrictions unchanged in south Georgia

September 28, 2007

Albany-  Watering restrictions won't change in south Georgia, but restrictions are getting tighter in other parts of the state.

Friday, Georgia's top environmental official declared a level four drought from Muscogee County through metro Atlanta and east to Lincoln County. That bans all outdoor watering in those areas. South Georgia was left out of further restrictions because our water supply hasn't been as compromised by the exceptional drought.

"Anytime you're pulling water from underground aquifers like we do you're in a much better position then if you're using surface water like middle and north Georgia are right now," said Lorie Farkas, Water, Gas & Light.

The level two restrictions will remains the same in south Georgia. That means even number addresses can only water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, odd addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. No one can water on Fridays and all watering must be done between midnight and 10:00 a.m.

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