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Meth lab busted, four arrested

September 28, 2007

Lee County-  Lee County Sheriff's deputies stopped a ticking time bomb. Inside a truck they stopped on Highway 32 east, they found a working methamphetamine lab and two men smoking Meth as they drove. It was a potentially explosive situation that led to Highway 32 east being shut down for nearly seven hours. Friday, four people are in jail and a 5th is being sought.

Sheriff's video shows just how dangerous this mobile Meth lab was. The truck was stopped Thursday evening, along Highway 32 east, between the Muckalee Creek Bridge and Lover's Lane road. In the truck bed, a hazardous nightmare.

"You can see he has chemicals back here. That's a chemical reduction jar that's still burning," said Col. Duane Sapp, Lee County Sheriff's Office.

In the truck's cab, even worse, separated Meth oil and a hydrogen chloride gas generator, cooking, putting out noxious fumes.

"You won't be able to see it but that thing is still running, it's still smoking, hydrogen chloride gas is still being produced," said Sapp.

Both were also smoking Meth in the cab adding a butane lighter to a mix of highly flammable chemicals. Both the driver, Alex Adkins and his passenger Charlie Haire are charged with manufacturing Meth, but this isn't the first time Haire's faced Meth charges, that was in 2004.

"I believe the charges were possession of methamphetamine and he was also one of the ones I believe stealing anhydrous ammonia from one of the ice plants in town," said Major Derrell Smith, ADDU Commander.

Friday, the truck lead police to Dixon Mobile Home Park.

"We went and served a search warrant at the house they had been seen leaving from and more Meth was recovered, a user amount, and a user amount of marijuana," said Sapp.

There they arrested Kasey Ellis and Larry Shirley charging them with possession of methamphetamine. A warrant has been issued for a fifth suspect, but authorities won't say yet who that is. Friday they're just happy to have avoided what could have been a explosive situation.

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit's Meth Team assisted by clean up crews from Jacksonville were called in to remove the chemicals and decontaminate the area.



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