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S.U.V. hit by brick

September 28, 2007

Lee County -- A Lee County couple are mad after someone hits their S.U.V. with a brick.

They were driving on Newton Road near the airport Thursday night , when they heard a huge boom that sounded like they had been hit by gunfire. Instead, it turned out a brick had hit the side panel of their Ford Explorer.

Stephanie Blanchard and her husband Rick say they pulled over a short distance later, where two other cars that had also been hit by rocks or bricks had stopped. Police investigated, but found no one.

Rick went back to Newton Road Friday morning, and found the brick. Stephanie Blanchard said  "kids acting stupid. Could be gang related initiation stuff. There is no telling. Cops said they were juveniles. The house there, there is a row of bushes they were hiding behind and pegging cars."

The Blanchard's said they could have been badly injured if the brick had hit their windshield, and worry that someone might be hurt if Police don't stop whoever is throwing the bricks.

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