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Mini "strike" strands Dougherty students

September 28, 2007

Albany --   Hundreds of Dougherty County school students are late getting home this evening, and some are still stuck at their schools right now because of a bus driver walk out.  

Between 10 and 15 bus drivers refused to run their routes this afternoon because of confusion over their pay.    

Two buses did not show up at Albany Middle School. The students who were supposed to be on those buses were taken back into their classes to wait.

School officials scrambled to find other buses or have buses that are on the roads run double routes.

The reason your kids may have been stuck at school hours later than usual is because the way bus drivers are paid was changed today. The drivers all thought they were receiving pay raises, but some drivers took home less pay than before.

That lead to frustration and a mini-strike with huge problems; hundreds of kids stranded at school.

More on this story later.

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