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Fire services not shared!

September 27, 2007

Lee County-  A fatal fire near the Lee/Dougherty County line raises questions about mutual aid agreements between the two counties. Could Dougherty County have been called in to help battle the blaze that killed a 12 year old boy?  The answer is: no.

Firefighters in both Dougherty and Lee Counties say both counties should have adequate staffing to handle emergencies. Neither department has a mutual agreement with anyone. 

It's different in times of natural disaster. 

"There are processes in place through Georgia Emergency Management Agency, GEMA which is a state level version of FEMA program. We also have, we county has their local emergency management, through that we have a process by which we can get help, we can give and get help," said Lee County Fire Chief James Howell. 

Sometimes the lines can become blurred, especially if an incident happens near the county line. Lee County says if they're first to arrive on the scene and the incident happens to be in Terrell or Dougherty County of course they help until the proper authorities can assume control.